Brotzeit @ 313 Somerset


Brotzeit has been around Singapore for a very long time but this was my first time trying it during a colleague’s farewell lunch. German food establishments are not very common in Singapore I think, off the top of my head I can only think of Brotzeit, Paulaner and Magma. There are sadly less photos for this post, because it was a corporate thing and I didn’t want to seem rude.


If I had a choice I would go to their vivocity outlet since they are just by the sea and broadwalk but their outdoor sitting at 313 somerset outlet was pretty nice as well, just a little warm, especially after some beer.


Their menu is very meat-centric, mostly featuring sausages, pork knuckles and other meat items, not much greens or fish here. They have 2 course set lunches between $15 for a salad and $19 for Schnitzel, which are like thin pork or chicken cutlets.


Beer with mango juice that was very popular among the ladies. The mango flavor wasn’t strong but it made the beer sweet, refreshing and easy down the throat, pretty interesting! I would come back for happy hour just for this.


Gigantic 1 litre of beer which was finished!


Brotzeit platter (4-5pax), $88. Please do not attempt this platter if you do not have at least 4 people, it may not look like a whole lot of food especially with just 3 items but it is very substantial, we were struggling to finish it within 5 people. Comes with their signature pork kunckle, sausages and the thin pork cutlets. Their pork knuckle’s skin was crackling crispy  and while the meat wasn’t tough, it could be more tender. The sausages were a joy to eat, with 5 different varieties that were all juicy and firm, there was one that was surprisingly pretty spicy! I did not agree with the thin pork cutlets, which I found too thin to taste past the fried crust and too dry after the first few mouths without a gravy or dip. A pity because it was nicely fried and not oily at all, but perhaps the thin style is typical of German cuisine.


You get to chose 2 sides with the platter and we got fries that was very normal and Bavarian Pretzels. It was unexpectedly savoury! The dough and crust were distinctly salty, and the pretzel is on the harder side. Can’t say I enjoyed it but it was definitely a new experience.

Prices are on the high side here but their beers and drinks are quite decent, a drinking hole location for me in future compared to a dinner place!


Discovery Walk at 313@Somerset

313 Orchard Road #01-27
Singapore 238895

6834 4038


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