Roast @ One Rochester

*Roast is now closed*


“Around the table we gather, for nothing complements your food more than good company”

We gathered at the beautiful 1930s colonial building and surroundings that house Roast @ One Rochester, with a night of communal dining ahead of us.




Our friendly waiter Peter giving table service for our breads. Delighted to find that they serve roasted garlic with their bread! I would love for it to be roasted a little longer till they are really browned but its good enough since I have not seen other places that serve this except for Bedrock.


Warm slices of Walnut Bread that is baked in-house, served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


The Nibble Platter that’s made up of potato skins with sour cream, herb crumbed olives, smoked salmon spread which went very well with the bread, veggies with yogurt dip, kurobuta pork terrine with pickles and parma ham. The olives were a bit of a surprise, we thought they might be potato balls, tried to spear through it with a fork and failed.


Thyme and White Peach Caipirinha, $15. I have guy friends who secretly wish that it is socially acceptable for males to sip on fruity cocktails. This is a potential drink that they can order since the addition of thyme kind of makes it less girly? Taste wise, it is also not considered sweet, with the help of generous portions of alcohol. I noticed they have incorporated quite a few types of herbs in their cocktail menu, another option could be Basil and Passionfruit, $15, which I did not try.


Their Frozen Mojito, $15, comes highly recommended by their staff and bartender.


Communal dining is all about sharing and bigger portions but I still did a double take when I noticed 2 big bowls of Classic Mushroom Soup with truffle foam being brought over. The soup is thick from tiny tiny blended mushroom bits and while warm and comforting on a chilly evening, it wasn’t the soup that got my attention, it was the accompanying Puff Pastry with Mushroom Duxelle and Gruyere Toast below that did.


A tasting portion of meaty truffled mushroom duxelle sandwiched between thin delicate sheets of buttery puff pastry that crackled merrily under my teeth. Light, yet memorable.


Twice baked Gruyere Souffle, served with Mushroom Salad and Apple Walnut Salad on a pretty board.


I was honestly a little scared of this in the beginning as I can’t handle too much cheese at once, and would probably not be the person ordering a cheese souffle. But this is the beauty of communal dining right? I have the other bloggers to share this with me! When I finally got to tasting it, I am pleasantly surprised at the airy lightness of the souffle, making the cheese manageable, spreading the flavor. Overall it wasn’t too salty and the cheesy crusty top made for a fragrant bite too.

A lot of work goes into putting the souffle on the table, watch this preparation video made by One Rochester Group with Group Executive Chef Chris Millar to get what I mean!


Tiger Prawn Salad with pomegranate, Persian feta, mandarin oranges and almonds. I like this salad for it’s combination of caramelized almonds that is baked with cinnamon and crumbly feta.


Braised Angus Short Ribs with creamy mash, carrots and horseradish. My favorite dish of the night as the ribs were fork tender and had a rich intense flavor. The communal dining set also comes with 3 sides that are Herbed Leaf Salad (background above), Cauliflower Cheese Gratin and Rosemary Potatoes. The gratin was pretty mild despite the look of it and the potatoes were a little dry.



Baby Chicken wrapped with proscuitto with pine nut, raisin and truffle stuffing, served with chunky pear compote. The slightly sweet stuffing and sauce reminds me of Christmas! The chicken was normal, and the breast meat was also fairly moist, but we don’t really see stuffed chicken around so it’s worth a try!


1-Caramel Assiette with petite portions of (clockwise from top left) Earl Grey Creme Brulee, Lime Sorbet with jelly, Tropical Vodka Trifle with pineapple jelly and coconut ice cream, Rose Panna Cotta with Lychee Lemon Compote and a light Red Bean Cheesecake. If you are unaware, 1-Caramel’s desserts are available at all One Rochester Group Restaurants like Roast, 1-Twenty Six and Stellar!


One of their long standing desserts, I enjoyed the chunky lychee lemon compote.



I’m not a pineapple fan but this is pretty refreshing, in a pseudo pina colada kind of way.



Got introduced to the existence of Happy Birthday Tea by the other bloggers and tried some! From TWG’s website, it is a ‘joyous melody of flavours and colours, this mild black tea is blended with a festive mélange of sweet red berries and a touch of vanilla.‘ The tea had a fruity smell but has a light, almost bland taste.

Super amused with the name, initially thought its the kind of tea that people drink on their birthdays, like the sweet Chinese noodles? Not many people get to eat that nowadays though.

I can’t speak for the rest, but I had a lovely dinner in the outdoors with great foodie company. Hopefully we will get to dine together again soon in the near future. Thank you One Rochester Group for the invite and Audrey for hosting us.

*Roast’s communal dining menu is priced at $70++ per pax and available with a minimum of 2 diners. Diners get to chose from a variety of items in the menu.

Read about my previous chocolate making experience at 1-Caramel!

Roast @ One Rochester

No 1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212

Tel: 6773 0070


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