The Pigeonhole


*update: unfortunately the cafe is now closed.

The first thought that flew into my mind when I entered The Pigeonhole at Duxton Road was “why is it so quiet?”

I didn’t know it was a book cafe, but on hindsight, there were quite a few interesting titles placed around the space for people to browse.

Unlike the many new crowded rowdy indie cafes, The Pigeonhole is not considered a new player in the cafe scene, in fact they just turned a year old this March. Perhaps people have forgotten it, or prefer to visit newer establishments but hey I’m not complaining here, I adored this place.







Odd pieces of furniture and vintage items make up the decor of the place. The layout may look messy and a little cramped, but far enough between tables and it works out. We spotted some shoes at the corner but I’m not too sure if those are for sale or display?


Twinings Apple and Jasmine Tea, $3.50.


Piccolo Latte, $3. This cuppa is really really small and while I was expecting the portion to be slightly bigger, I got to hand it to the barista for his attempt at coffee art. Note to order full size next time, size does matter! Order at the counter and they will serve it to you.


Chardonnay, $40 per bottle. It’s been a long time since I had wine in the afternoon with friends, especially the group that I went with. A little unexpected to find wine in their menu, so we decided to be spontaneous! Comes complete with a smart ice bucket just like a bar too.

Spot the school desk at the background of the photo! Totally something Singaporean kids can identify with, the times we spent behind them, craving words into the plastic and storing textbooks in the lower compartment. I remember how we used to find the cleanest desk to ‘inherit’, only to fill it with scribbles and doodles of our own whenever we change classrooms.


Spent the entire afternoon there till evening, simply chatting, laughing, taking photos and playing games our way with some cute playing cards my friend bought!




Their focus is on coffee, though they do have a small food menu, and their prices are all
nett. I didn’t try any of their food items on this visit but I doubt I will after seeing a makeshift kitchen opposite the toilet that consisted of a fridge and a microwave oven. Stick to drinks I’ll say.

Really good place to be holed up for a day to read and have low key catch-ups with friends. If you are into the arts, The Pigeonhole are also advocates of local artists and musicians so they regularly schedule live gigs, small exhibits and other activities in the cafe too. Watch their website for updates.

Popped up to take a quick look at Group Therapy Cafe which is just upstairs from their next door unit and the atmosphere is so different! Group Therapy smells of food and constant chatter while Pigeonhole is more understated. Choices really depend on what you are looking for, mood and company. Perhaps Pigeonhole’s night scene is different, since they do serve wine, but that will have to wait for another visit. Think I will be back soon!

The Pigeonhole

52/53 Duxton Road



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