It is impossible to miss Delicious if you are at the basement of Scotts Square. The large airy space that they occupy looks inviting, and it reminds me of a greenhouse with the use of full glass panes running the length of the restaurant. Complete with greenery adorning the brick walls, bird cages, unfinished wood, and a huge ornamental wooden tree that goes up to the ceiling too.






Delicious is helmed by The Delicious Group from Malaysia so apart from Western fare in the menu you see some Asian/Malay dishes like Rendang as well. For a town location, prices are pretty reasonable!


Aglio Olio + Seafood toppings, $9 + 3. You can order a base of Aglio Olio and match the toppings that you want at different prices. When this arrived, everyone just stared at my dish as for aglio olio my pasta looked surprisingly plain! So I wasn’t expecting much from the looks of it but looks can be deceiving, on first taste, the garlic flavor was pretty strong. Seafood was alright, overall very normal, maybe I should have gone for the burger!


My friend’s Spicy Crab Linguine, $15, looked much more appetizing with generous shreds of crab meat. It wasn’t spicy to me but I felt drawn to this pasta as there are pine nuts!!


English Fish and Chips, $15.


Sticky Date Pudding, $8. I have a confession, this is my first sticky date pudding! So please note I have nothing to compare to. It came served piping hot with vanilla ice cream and a rather watery butterscotch sauce. The pudding itself was like a usual cake, not as…dense as I thought, is it supposed to be like that? Tiny date bits were sparsely embedded in the pudding and overall it was quite a nice dessert, especially when matched with some ice cream, but I’ll use the sauce sparingly as it was a little too sweet.

Service could be better but with a nice location, reasonable prices and pretty decent food, I guess Delicious is here to stay. I heard they have breakfast now too, available from 10-12pm.

Delicious Scotts Square

B1-16/19 Scotts Square

6636 0903


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