Flor Patisserie II


It’s official, Flor is my favorite place for cakes. It’s not even new favorite place, I think it will be THE favorite place and remain there. Introduced the cafe to my family some time back and we had a ball of a time trying cakes!

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London: Four Seasons Restaurant Roast Duck


If you hear someone telling you that the best roast duck can be found in London instead of Hong Kong, remember that they are not kidding. I was skeptical at first, despite the non-stop raves of a roast duck loving sister who has the fortune of traveling frequently. I bite my words with hopefully a fresh piece of roast duck. I was sold on my first mouthful.

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Food for Thought @ Botanic Gardens


The original Food for Thought outlet @ North Bridge Road have successfully moved to it’s new home in the lush Botanical Gardens at the end of 2011. Seeing as how they are already packed, this is a good move as they now occupy a huge space, much bigger and better than their narrow NBR outlet. Comes complete with outdoor grill/bar area and children’s playground!

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