The Plain


Look carefully when you are heading to The Plain for the first time, or you may just walk past it without knowing, like me and my friend. The board above is probably the best indicator that you have reached your coffee destination.


I know quite a few people who flock to The Plain for their Aussie-inspired no frills vibe but personally, I find the get up of the cafe to be rather…sterile. Yes there are lots of other vintage mish mash cafes and yes the stone counter that follows the theme is pretty cool but all in all, I feel like I am in a clinic…


…except maybe for this long green sofa at the front of the cafe, that offers a comforting shot of colour.


As a very worthy redeeming factor, they do serve very good coffee. Latte, $3.80, that was balanced and fragrant. I thoroughly enjoyed my cuppa and this has got to be one of the better coffees around, at a very reasonable price too. I also tried their Darling Eggs, ($12?) that has poached eggs atop roma tomato, ham and cheese on a slice of sourdough toast but it’s nothing you can’t replicate at home.

I heard they stock cupcakes from Plain Vanilla, and that folks, along with their coffee, would make for an excellent afternoon tea.

The Plain

50 Craig Road, #01-01
Singapore 089688

Open daily: 7.30am – 7.30pm

6225 4387


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