Chocolat N’ Spice Muffins


Chocolat N Spice has been around for a long time, starting with humble roots at tanjong pagar and despite all their fame have remained humble. We got some boxes of muffins from their Shunfu Market branch, and the old favorite attracts a long queue of eager customers.



Red Berry Muffin. I think the base for most of their muffins like this, their blueberry muffin etc is the same, only the accompanying toppings changes. The muffin top is somehow sticky, I can’t identify why since I don’t think it’s sugar. The muffin itself is also unlike those that break apart into crumbs, leaning towards sponge cake consistency? Nonetheless, this fluffy baby was a joy to eat, it was not oily and amazingly bouncy! Sourish red berries like strawberries were embedded sparsely through the muffin. Each muffin was sizable and wasn’t too sweet.


Mocha Walnut Muffin here and the Cheese Muffin is one of the few that has a different base. The coffee taste is subtle, there was plenty of walnuts and like the rest it didn’t feel oily in my mouth or hands. Simple treat!

Chocolat N’ Spice Shunfu Market

Blk 320 Shunfu Road, #02-12 Shunfu Mart

9383 0413

Tue-Fri: 830 – 430pm

Sat: 830 – 230pm

Closed on Sunday and Monday


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