Paris: Paul


I’ll be honest, I have not heard of Paul before they came to Singapore, nor have I bothered to try it here. It’s different when you see it on the shopping belt of Paris, Champ Elysees, with a long queue to boot too. So we popped in and had a quick lunch there.






Rows and rows of fresh breads, sandwiches, tarts and cakes in a small shop space. This outlet is considered a takeaway outlet, cafeish with outdoor seats, so my guess is that the full menu is not available here.



Tuna Mayo Baguette, which they refused to heat up because “it has mayo”. So what have I been having at Subway all these years? Their sandwiches are all ready made and displayed in the fridge, so the baguette was quite hard and chewy.


Mustard Seed Baguette sandwich with Chicken and Mustard. Boy their mustard is hot! It’s the kind that contains mustard seeds and was simply overpowering for us. Chicken was tender and plentiful though. The baguette was allowed to be toasted this time so it was nicely crunchy, though my mother found it a little too hard to bite.


Got a Pain au Chocolat croissant to share too. This was not bad, decent size, flaky layers but could have been more buttery I felt.


Had a slice of Blueberry Tart for dessert (how can you resist these morsels when you are in Paris?!) but this was sadly rather forgettable. Flaky tart base that was very thin and blueberry filling that tasted normal. Pretty to look at though!

We paid 24 Euros for this lunch, along with 2 lattes, everything shared among 3 people. It’s one of our cheaper lunches there but I still don’t feel that it was worth the money since the lunch was normal at best and nothing made me want seconds. Guess I won’t be visiting Paul in Singapore then?


84 av Champ Elysees, 75008 Paris, France.


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