Flor Patisserie II


It’s official, Flor is my favorite place for cakes. It’s not even new favorite place, I think it will be THE favorite place and remain there. Introduced the cafe to my family some time back and we had a ball of a time trying cakes!

Wakakusayama, $6.80 ($7.30 at their Taka counter). Lustrous matcha cream on a honey-infused green tea swiss roll filled with Flor’s homemade red bean cream. The swiss roll was fluffy like Flor’s sponge but has a denser quality, and the matcha taste was heavenly. It went well with the fresh red bean cream that had whole azukis. Overall a lovely cake, and it was ok for me but I think some people might just find it a tad sweet.


The Vert, $6.50, was an honest to goodness green tea cake with green tea sponge, green tea mousse, vanilla cream and topped with a layer of green tea jelly. Flor uses Kyoto-uji matcha powder for all their green tea creations. I don’t feel too sure about the accompanying clear jelly and chocolate balls on top but this was a decent slice of green tea cake. Still prefer the Wakakusayama though!


Waguri Millefeuille, $6.80. Light french chestnut cream adorning a sandwich of sponge cake and puff pastry topped with firm sweetened Japanese chestnuts. I love chestnuts and while chestnut cakes are easier to find in Singapore now with Mont Blanc getting increasingly popular, it’s still not convenient to get your hands on one. I wished that their chestnut cream could have a heavier chestnut flavour, though this is not to say that it wasn’t yummy. The textures in this creation is amazing, velvety cream with crisp buttery pastry and soft sponge. This is available as a whole cake too!


Cacao Royal, $6.20. The only whole chocolate creation, dark chocolate sponge layered with chocolate ganache, which I thought was normal.



Earl Grey Chocolat, $6.50, had a tower of earl grey cream and fresh cream piled high on top of dark chocolate meringue with a banana center. There’s a healthy dose of earl grey flavour and I think it goes well with banana! Crunchy meringue was thankfully not tooth-achingly sweet.

With Flor’s taka counter, and 2 cakes for $10 promotion there before closing there is no excuse that you have not tried their cakes before anymore yup!

Read about my previous Flor Patisserie @ Duxton post.

Flor Patisserie

2 Duxton Hill



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