Maison Ikkoku – Rooftop Bar


Walking along Arab street to Maison Ikkoku (MI) at night wasn’t very fun. It’s dark and the junction where MI is located is rather quiet. Nonetheless, I made my way there one Thursday night just wanting to hang around the rooftop bar, and after being disappointed that they were PACKED over the previous weekend I popped by for coffee.


Walk past the men’s boutique on second floor and when you spot the golden bottles, you’ve reached the bar. They have a small open balcony space that managed to look adorable, cramped and too hot for the evening at the same time so I chose to sit indoors, which looked much more inviting. On this note, this is more a place for small intimate gatherings, I think a group of 7-8 and above can easily claim whole ownership of the place.


The interior is small, but casually elegant with high attic ceilings, plush sofa stools and white-washed exposed brick walls. The bar runs the width of the place, with just a few counter seats. Looking at their menu, they have lots of signature cocktails that incorporate fresh ingredients like herbs and fruit. That may have influenced the prices, the drinks here generally start from $20.



Mojito with Lemon Sorbet , $22. When I ordered a original Mojito, the bartender commented that they have several other Mojito creations, including one with fresh berries and recommended that I try one with a lemon sorbet since I was going for original. Totally a dessert + cocktail concoction.

The first sip was surprisingly sharp as I wasn’t expecting the sourness to hit straight away. I retreated, eyed the glass and tried my second now-cautious sip that was a lot better when the citrus tint is mixed with some rum. It’s very refreshing and light, as some might have guessed, with the lemon flavors and crushed mint leaves. You get to mix it up a little, just taste sorbet, sorbet+mojito. I would say it will be better if you don’t draw out this drink for too long, or finish up most of the sorbet as near the end it may get a little sweet. The waiter was attentive, and brought me a glass of water after I finished my drink.

Overall a nice quiet place for a low key meet with some friends or totally fine going alone too. I think due to the use of fresh ingredients, some drink creations may be limited for the night, will have to depend on your luck!

Maison Ikkoku

20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885

Open till 2am (Cafe open till 9pm)

Reservations: 6294 0078


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