Sapporo Ramen Miharu


Ramen joints are aplenty in Singapore and Miharu is one of the few places that have remained consistently on the tip of people’s tongues. Located at Gallery Hotel, I finally got the chance to try them when I happened to be in the River Valley area. Expectations of my ramen dinner was pretty high after years of recommendations from friends.




We were early and had to wait for doors to be opened but a queue formed quickly after us, including a few Japanese families, which is always a good indicator you are at the right place. The small interior with about 5 tables and the bar was completely filled once 6pm came.


Looks like a straight forward menu but notice that they have 3 different types of noodles, imported directly from Hokkaido, and it is indicated which noodle will be used for each ramen.



Special Blended White Mild Miso Ramen, standard noodle, $13. I love Hokkaido ramen because of the yellow curly noodles and corn but the soup here was a little too salty and oily for my personal taste. Char siew was normal though the egg was love as it should be.



Rich Seafood Based Shoyu Ramen, special noodle, $14. The rich seafood broth was excellent in my opinion, like a very strong prawn mee soup base and carried sweet notes from all the seafood. I prefer this softer, slightly flatter special noodle over my standard noodle too.



Gokubuto Miso Tonkotsu, special thick noodle, $14. This totally reminds me of lor mee, with the thick noodles and gravy-like soup, which is also leaning on the salty oily side.


Shiso Gyoza with Perilla Leaf, $6.

Crispy gyoza with very thin skin. The addition of perilla leaf was evident, giving the gyoza a mildly herby taste. If you dislike herby flavors, go for the normal gyoza.

While Miharu have won over many hearts and tongues, it didn’t win mine enough to make me go out of the way to River Vally to have it. Not a bad try if you are in the area though!

Sapporo Ramen Miharu

1 Nanson Road

01-11 The Gallery Hotel

6733 8464

Closed on wednesdays

Lunch: 12-3pm, Dinner: 6-9pm


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