100 years of Nestle, and their new iFeedback App

Singaporeans have been enjoying Nestle products like Milo, Nescafe and Maggie Mee for a long time, 100 years to be exact, for Nestle has been in Singapore since 1912! As you can imagine, this is a pretty huge milestone for any organization, and Nestle has planned a whole year of celebrations and activities to commemorate their amazing journey with us. The latest activity is taking place in the digital space, with Nestle’s launch of their iFeedback App!


Nestle is open to constructive suggestions and ideas on how they can make their products better and the aim of the App is to facilitate easy submission for consumers! With more feedback from us end users, Nestle can then look to improve their products and in turn make our lives easier/better! The iFeedback App is free and available for both iPhone and Android users.

From now till 30 August 2012, every feedback entry submitted through iFeedback will stand a chance to win a pair of tickets by Finnair, to any European city that they fly to in their network!

The process to submit and the App’s interface is pretty simple to navigate.

1) Get ready the product you wish to provide feedback on as you will need to scan the barcode to ‘register’ the product. Press the ‘Scan’ button on the App’s homepage to start.


I think it helps the scanning for the barcode to be ‘flat’!


2) Select your mode of feedback after scanning. You can share via text/picture/audio but I reckon text is the easiest! I think location settings have to be on when you are using the App too?




3) Click ‘ok’ when you are done and a email will be sent to Nestle, completing your feedback submission! Remember to include your Name, contact number and NRIC in the email entry.

In case you are feeling confused why I would want Nestle to sell Milo together with yogurt, don’t be, it’s because the photos are taken separately. My real suggestion is for Fitnesse Cereal! To have Nestle package 1 serving of cereal (or more) together with Nestle’s cup-sized Fat Free yogurt so they can be enjoyed together!

Cereal adds crunch and texture to yogurt, making things less boring and its a healthy combination too. Why use milk when you can pair it with yogurt? It’s so much better! You get a bit of whole grain goodness and some probiotics on top of a dose of calcium, 3 ticks!

(credits to threeboysandonegirl.com)

I imagine that a pack could be something like this

or maybe something like this? (credits to yoflavour.com)

My favourite Fitnesse cereal to mix would be Honey Almond or the one with Nut clusters!

I’ve always had yogurt together with my cereal, and this combination is not new with muesli, frozen yogurt or dessert parfaits too, though I mainly take it as a light lunch/dinner option. The main problem is, when I want to have it, I have to prepare 2 things. One, a portion of cereal and two, a to-go cup of yogurt for easy mixing, which is not the friendliest preparation for out-of-home consumption. I am not the only one who eats their cereal with yogurt, so a package like this will be very convenient for us consumers!

If I win the tickets, I will want to go to Amsterdam. A trip with my mother sometime between March-May, when the tulips are in bloom!

(credits to lovetoeatandtravel.com and yabbedoo.wordpress.com)

Kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

Visit Nestle 100 years website to find out more on Nestle and how you can feedback and win!


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