Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest 2012





This year’s chunkfest was bigger, though I’m not so sure if it was better. There are more booths for ice cream so the queues were shorter, +10 points! We had a double scoop of Americone Dream & Froyo Half Baked, $11 which are both US flavors available in scoops that day. So sad that some flavors are only available in pints!

Americone Dream was sweet, vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and chocolate coated waffle chunks but I can definitely see it fitting into our market, it’s combi is kind of similar to chocolate chip cookie dough, albeit a sweeter version. Froyo Half Baked on the other hand, has a very simple one dimensional chocolate taste, the kind you get from roadside ice cream cart uncles, with brownie chunks that melted really quickly hmm.

Let’s see what they can introduce in 2013.