Old School Delights


With the abundance of choices along Thomson, you may just walk right by Old School Delights if you are not looking out for it. Heard about their homely down-to-earth menu and headed there one Sunday!






With chalkboard menus, blown up polaroids, childhood games like pick up sticks on display as well as familiar childhood biscuits on sale, they do stay true to their name of being old school. The decor was primarily green and maybe it’s just me but I’ve always associated green with school canteens.


You must write your orders down on this white board before heading to the counter! (I have no idea why it is Hot Horlicks x 15 but no we did not have 15 cups of Horlicks) Wonder how the staff handles bad handwriting?


Barley and Barley-Lime Juice, personally, I’ll stick with pure barley.


Chicken Macaroni, with strips of chicken breast, fishcake slices and quail eggs, light on my tongue and stomach. A simple dish that really tasted homely, something like your grandmother would cook.


Hainanese Chicken Cutlet with Fried Rice, $7.80? This was normal, good thing that the cutlet wasn’t oily but it was a little over fried, lending a hard edge to the meat.


Mee Siam which I didn’t try. Mee siam just doesn’t really appeal to me…


…but desserts have strong appeal to me! Tried 2 of their cakes, Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Chocolate Banana Fudge Cake in the background. Sticky Chewy Chocolate was alright in my mind but I really really loved the chocolate banana fudge cake! You can taste that they use real bananas and my friend was so impressed with the fudge that she wanted to ask for just the fudge recipe! Its not as thick compared to the fudge in sticky chewy chocolate cake. They heat the cakes up for you too, and that makes it kind of melt-in-your-mouth. Pure goodness.

The other cake that caught my eye was the Lemony Cake. Next time!!

Old School Delights

215M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574408

6458 4518

Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 1130am-1030pm. Sat-Sun 11am-1030pm. Closed on Mondays.


(Their website is awfully cute.)


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      • will be in Korea till December. We don’t have a kitchen here so cooking is pretty limited and Singaporean food besides Ya Kun and a restaurant serving char kway teows for 18 SGD…Singaporean food is almost non-existent in Seoul.

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