Kith Cafe, Park Mall


When Kith was a hole-in-the-wall cafe at Rodyk street, it didn’t appeal to me well enough to try it. Besides, there were lots of options along Robertson Quay with better seating and menu choices.

Kith cafe, very wisely, sprouted a second relatively spacious outlet at Park Mall. With the lure of better accessibility, a more robust menu (complete with a ex Da Paolo chef) and a pretty alfresco deck, it didn’t take me long to convince friends to go with me for dinner.

And things have changed now, I adore them.


Pumpkin and Crabmeat Soup, $7.50. A sweet-savoury start to the meal, with some chunks of crabmeat. I’m very confused as to why the large piece of toast, sporting lovely grill marks too, came served inside the soup. Please let me do my own dunking next time?


Crabmeat Linguine with Tomato Cream and Vodka, $22. This was the main reason I was here. I tried a little of my friend’s pasta on a previous visit and totally regretted that I didn’t order. I was all ready with my order before I stepped into the cafe, only to notice that it was gone from the handwritten menu! So I grabbed a waitress and asked her to check with the chef if he can make this for me and he did! The portion is huge, came with generous chunks of crabmeat and was heavier on the cream than tomato. I dug in, was in pasta bliss for about 15 minutes before it started feeling excessive near the end.

Still preferred the one I had at Da Paolo, as the dish and sauce was more balanced, but Kith’s is good for a quick fix in town. Looking at the pasta above again makes me want to rush down to Kith, or maybe Da Paolo.


Vongole, $17. Again, the portion was huge, guys will definitely find this filling. The taste leaned towards garlicky and we enjoyed the heaping collection of fresh clams. Overall I’ll say their pasta dishes have made the mark!

Decent food and location makes it hard to not like Kith Cafe. I’m glad that the cafe introduced a wider menu to include more than the brunch items they are well known for. Would really want to come back for their signature toasties and maybe a smoothie someday. Judging by the crowd I’ve seen on multiple occasions, Kith has still got the right formula going.

[Heard Kith Park Mall will be organizing a small NYE party, tickets ($60++ inclusive of 1 glass of bubbly) are limited due to space constraints so if you’re interested, act fast!]

Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

9 Penang Road
#01-01E Park Mall

6338 8611

Open daily from 8am to 10pm



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