Festive Buffet at The Square, Novotel Clarke Quay

*Invited Session*


I was kindly invited back to Novotel Clarke Quay again by John, their marketing manager, to try the festive offerings at The Square, their contemporary buffet restaurant this year end season. Similar to my previous visit, their service is still attentive and genuine while I found the quality of the food to be consistent. In celebration of Christmas and New Year’s, seasonal favorites like Roast Turkey and Christmas goodies has been included in their international spread and will be available till 31 December!

Dinner buffet on Christmas Eve & NYE: $68++ (Adult) and $48++ (Child)

Lunch Buffet (other dates): $42++ (Adult) and $25++ (Child)

Dinner Buffet (other dates, Sun-Thurs): $52++ (Adult) and $35++ (Child)

Dinner Buffet (other dates, Fri-Sat): $62++ (Adult) and $38++ (Child)

If brunch is your thing, you would be glad to know that a similar Festive Brunch offering (Sat-Sun) is available till 1 January 2013 at $68++ (Adult) and $48++ (Child).



A beautiful whole salmon!


Salad, cold cuts, tapas and parma ham (melon can be found next to the chocolate fondue!)


Roasted Turkey, with grilled vegetables and stuffing on the side. I…don’t really get turkey stuffing. Focus on the turkey!


Honey Baked Ham that was surprisingly good, most of us had second helpings of this.





The live laksa and risotto station – a perennial favourite. With lovely memories from our previous visit, everyone requested for some laksa risotto, and another cheese risotto after that. Their risottos are finished in the giant parmesan wheel before serving and it just gives the dish another dimension in terms of flavour. Till date, this is still the only place I’ve seen that does their risottos this way. You can request for the laksa risotto to be spicier if you are good with handling spice!




We wrapped up the meal with some interesting Christmas desserts like Panettone which is an Italian sweet bread loaf usually enjoyed during Christmas and New Year’s. I was very intrigued by the airy sliced loaf as I usually indulge in Stollen (middle pic, bottom row), which is a German fruit cake, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Panettone. Taste-wise, the cool orange taste with raisins and a light dust of icing sugar made it my favorite of the lot. The texture reminds me of croissants, with its layers and fluffy characteristics.

Kids will love their DIY Ice Kachang corner and durian lovers, please don’t give their durain pengat a miss!

Thank you John once again for being a wonderful host and kind invitation.


177A River Valley Road, Novotel Singapore, Level 7

6433 8790

Opening hours : 6am-1030am/12pm-0230pm/6pm-10pm



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