Windowsill Pies


I don’t think there are much pie players in Singapore, much less one that wholly specializes in dessert pies. Places like Drips Bakery offer great pie items but Windowsill kind of takes it to another level with both variety and presentation.

Windowstill was primarily an online artisanal pie shop but they have recently opened a cafe space near Jalan Besar Stadium, complete with drinks, some cool seating space and a upcoming savoury menu. I stumbled upon their pretty temporary booth at the basement of Takashimaya quite a while back and bought a slice of Smore’s Pie, $7? as dessert.

Their biscuit tart base was firm, supporting the smooth chocolate milk pudding base of the pie. Accompanied with a thin layer of dark chocolate fudge, this is decadence without being overwhelmed by chocolate, just enough. Their homemade graham crackers was a nice touch, but it’s a pity that the pretty torched marshmallows turned out rubbery. Not too sure if that will change when the pie is heated up because we ate it cold from the box.

They have other interesting pies like Grasshopper Pie (chocolate & mint), Strawberry Lemon Tart, Pumpkin Pie with Bourbon Whip and of course, Pecan Pie. I should try their pecan pie sometime, and compare it to my current favorite southern pecan pie from PS Cafe Dempsey!

Windowsill Pies

78 Horne Road (S)209078

Call 90047827 for orders and enquiries

Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday to Thursday 1100-2130
  • Friday 1100-2230
  • Saturday & Sunday 1000-2230
  • Closed Mondays

Their pies are also stocked at Manicurious, a nail salon/cafe/retail shop at 41 Beach Road.


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