Fung Wong Confectionery


The Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) house many famous and good eats from Malaysia but the one that got my mum excited was Fung Wong Confectionery from KL, a home based business that has more than 100 years to their name. And contrary to what people had been raving about (their char siew siew bao mainly), I was given specific instructions to come back with Kaya Koks, also known as Kaya Puffs?


I had to wait 20 mins for a new batch as they were all sold out but from what I gathered, this cycle repeats throughout the day so there are pretty much fresh ones all the time. This is the same for their other pastries, I basically walked into an empty shop. Each flat puff was pretty big, around palm-sized and looked consistently golden brown. Risking a burnt tongue, I had one while it was still piping hot and the crumbly pastry shell flaked away easily, revealing the rich pale green kaya custard encased within. The filling was gladly not exactly sweet, nor was there too much of it to make it so. While hot, I have to say that each bite was satisfying and very addictive but one at a time was enough for me.

Something the parents loved, but not something I would specifically go for unless I am in the area, or gifting them.

Fung Wong Confectionery

8 Sentosa Gateway

Malaysian Food Street (The Bull Ring) Resorts World Sentosa


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