Baker & Cook


We all like to visit new places, and with the whole slew of new bakeries and cafes popping up the last 2 years meant we have little opportunity to do repeat visits unless we love it that much. I can safely say that I love Baker & Cook’s bakes that much. Started by Dean Brettschneider (, they also do cooking/baking classes at their flagship outlet @ Hillcrest Road (Greenwood Avenue).


Rows and stacks of glorious fresh bakes!

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Complimentary marmalade and blueberry jam at every table.


Caramel Walnut Danish, $4.50. I love nuts and this caramel walmut danish is one hell of an indulgent treat for weekend tea. Forgo the cutlery, eat this flaky spiral beauty with your hands to savour the sweet blend of buttery pastry, sticky brown caramel balanced with wholesome crushed walnuts. I personally don’t find this combination overwhelming since I live for sugar but I do think it’s rare to see caramel over on a sweet pastry.


Sweet Scone, $4. Much bigger than regular scones, the sweet scone has a layer of crusty baked-down cream and is generously embedded with chocolate chips. Doesn’t really remind me of scones though.


Blueberry bagel, toasted with cream cheese, $5. You can chose to order with or without cream cheese but the cold cream cheese was excellent on the chewy toasted bagel, shall try it without toasting next time.


Apple Tart, $4.70? The apple tart was decent, it wasn’t too sweet and you can taste the cinnamon along with the occasional bite of a raisin. What I like was there is a contrast between the softer diced apple filling and the thin baked apple slices topping the tart!


Almond Croissant. While I like the flaky layers and roasted almond slices I thought the heavy dusting of icing sugar made it hard to appreciate the croissant base and made it a little too sweet.


Mochaccino, $5.50. I always order the mochaccino here, because both the portion and the contents are hearty to drink. The dense chocolatey brownie bite that comes along is a delightful treat too!


Cappucino, $4.50. Decent, and the awesome brownie bite comes with it!

Much more in their menu for me to explore, especially savouries like their sandwiches and brunch items. Do try some of their loaves, so far I’ve tried Farmhouse White and the Corn Loaf and the crusty fluffy loaves did not disappoint the family.

Baker & Cook (Martin Road)

38A Martin Road #01-01,

6636 5865

Opening hours:
Sun to Thurs: 8am – 6pm
Fri to Sat: 8am – 6pm


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