Stellar – Summer Gastronomic Menu


*Invited Session*

If I had it my way, I will be up here all the time. Sunset is definitely more enjoyable with the altitude advantage, as I walk around the perimeter of the world’s highest alfresco rooftop bar with a cocktail in hand. Renovations were on-going while I was there and I’m sure the facelift will create a even better ambiance!

Previously I reviewed The Stellar Experience, where diners were given the flexibility of creating their own 4, 5, 6 course tasting menus @ $95++, $120++ and $140++ per pax respectively. The menu have since expanded, includes a wider selection for vegetarian options and I will be sharing some new refreshing creations featuring summer ingredients!


Elegant white setting with high ceilings to set the mood. Do note that seats by the window require a minimum spending of $150 per pax.


Warm basket of fresh bakes served with unique dips like Cod Branade and Smoked Eggplant spread to start off the meal!


Amuse bouche, a colorful starter of carrot sorbet with diced Hamachi sashimi resting atop a shiso leaf. I loved the pairing of creamy cold sorbet with the hamachi, interestingly perfumed with the earthy scent of shiso.



Scallop, a open ravioli of scallops and parmesan custard, accompanied with poached pear cubes, housemade pear and pear blossom paper. One of the prettiest dishes that garnered the most attention that night, I was super intrigued with the pear paper. The pear paper tasted naturally sweet and out of curiosity I asked Chef Millar about it and he told me they did it in-house with really thinly sliced pears! The ravioli itself is very wholesomely packed with savoury parmesan custard and scallops. I thought the scallops could be seared more but the shellfish were nonetheless supple and went surprisingly well with the parmesan custard and sweet pear cubes.


Bone Marrow, with bone marrow fritters, a crispy pork basket and parsley salad was a dish that brought out the most unanticipated reactions from me. I was excited to try the bone marrow, made with the addition of eggs, cream and subsequently steaming it, but I didn’t quite take to the unfamiliar salty flavor. The crispy pork basket made with pig skin was nicely breaded and chewy but the braised pig trotters was average. The shocking highlight for me turned out to be the parsley salad, and I usually avoid the heady-smelling herb. The zesty vinaigrette dressing, crunchy bacon bits and crushed pistachios helped to mask the strong taste of the parsley leaves and elevated it into a unique fresh salad that cleanses your palate between bites of marrow and pork.


Aglio Uni, my favorite dish of the evening because every single thing on that plate worked for me. The smokey aroma from the wood fired king prawn catches your attention as the dish is being served, and the sweet grilled meat is as gratifying as you imagined it would be from it’s scent. The capellini with leek, sakura ebi and roe is tossed with a extraordinary smoked sea urchin butter and every luscious slip of pasta carried a rich salty oomph. I’m not too sure why the pasta had a mild spicy afterkick though, but I cleaned the plate!


Yellow Fin Tuna, wood fired yellow fin tuna served with a creamy mint sauce, saffron rissoni (rice shaped pasta) and a side of pickled cucumber. Perhaps I was too pleased with the previous dish, but this failed to make a impression.



Meat Platter, this is available ala carte outside of the Gatronomic Menu @ $140++ for 4 types of meat. Although we had all beef on this occasion, options also include other meats like Victorian Lamb Rack, US Yorkshire Pork Rack and comes with a selection of condiments and sauces.

From top left down, we had Japanese Wagyu, Japanese short rib?, Aussie Striploin, US Striploin and a velvety jerasulum artichoke puree that I remember so fondly from my previous visit. The meats were done to a beautiful medium rare and tasted divine simply seasoned with salt and pepper.



We ended the meal with ‘The Sweet Experience‘ – a exquisite display that wakes your appetite again as the chef assembles the dessert platter by your table. The number of dessert items depends on the number of pax, 2 pax 2 items, up till 5 pax 5 items. The perennial favorite is the Valrhona Chocolate Bomb (first item above) while I preferred the Flaming Baked Alaska or Caramel Crème Brulee. Not forgetting fruity creations like Ginger Raspberry Tart, French Strawberries with rhubarb glacee as lighter options.

I really liked the originality and thought that went into most of the dishes by Chef Millar and his team on the Stellar Gastronomic menu. With the upcoming year end festivities, Stellar is a good place to consider for a satisfying meal, or a corporate appreciation dinner, with it’s unparalleled city views and quality dishes.

Many thanks to One Rochester Group, Immelia  and Chef Chris for the kind invitation and hosting us for the evening.

Stellar @ 1-Altitude

1 Raffles Place

#62-01 One Raffles Place



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