Merely Ice Cream


When in doubt, just turn to ice cream.

Stewing in this persistent heat wave, we hardly needed a reason for deflecting to this age-old icy treat. Back in the vicinity of my alma mater, we paid a visit to Merely Ice Cream, a small space at Sunshine Plaza, predictably quiet with just a few scattered youngsters given it’s exam period and right before peak dessert hour hits.






Despite almost trying every flavor, the patient smiley server still gave me giant double scoops of Breakfast Cereal & Salted Butterscotch (with graham pie crumbs!), $5.60, which made me a very satisfied customer. I was pleasantly surprised with the top scoop of light, curiously malty creation of Cereal+Milk because what was initially my friend’s pick, totally got hijacked by me. It’s the sort of flavor that you gloss over while your mind is preoccupied with bolder names like Nutty Beer but when you get down to eating it, steadily wins you over bite by bite with it’s creamy charm.

The story is reversed with Salted Butterscotch, where a lasting impression of mild saltiness at the tasting stage translated to actual heaviness after half a scoop. Maybe I should have gone with Sesame for contrast! The grainy graham crumbs were enjoyable though.

Perhaps it was the post dessert sugar high, making me excited and vulnerable to the seduction of a lingering old flame, a light that has dwindled with the lack of new muses but trust it to be ice cream to be the one to pull me out of this blogging shell.


Merely Ice Cream

Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189652
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 12pm-11pm





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