Pierre Herme III – Mystery Flavor?


Imagine my surprise when I was presented with a Mystery-Flavored Pierre Herme Macaroon. It is one thing to be unable to discern flavors due to language barriers but this my friends, the name and flavor of this particular macaroon was simply a mystery, and the same answer was received when we asked the sales person in the shop. This seems fun if it was launched occasionally!

My visual guess, was rose and licorice shells with a berry filling, even though that frankly doesn’t make any foodie sense in my head hahah! Anyway, the closest we could guess after tasting is that it indeed contain berries, likely a light blackberry. The shells tasted just a smooth almondy to me so I am stumped.

If anyone managed to taste this “Mystery” macaroon and have a better grasp on what the flavor could be please let me know!


Yogurt takes center stage this summer season, all yogurt picks can be distinguished with a cream beige shell and filling. Yogurt Lemon has a sharp tang and strong lemon flavors, very suitable for yogurt lovers and people who prefer creations that are less sweet.


Yogurt Citrus, where orange was the domineering flavor.


Pistachio, with pistachio shells that have a rich nutty taste and dense pistachio filling.

Not sure if you know, but these macaroons are purchased by weight so all of them cost differently. In any case, this batch came from Pierre Herme London and were as delightful as always. #PierreHermeforever



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