Bangkok: Vanilla Garden, Bake Shop


When I’m in a city like Bangkok, as much as possible I try to eat Thai food, to savour what the city proudly offers as their local cuisine. While I’ve passed many pretty/quirky/modern cafes as I travelled around Bangkok, I’ve mostly dismissed them in favour of street food. A rare afternoon with some time and transport handy on my hands, Vanilla Garden @ Ekkamai 12 seemed as good as any to check out.

Dubbed as a Japanese-style cafe, we opted for the smaller, more dessert-focused bake shop at the front of the shop grounds as we’ve already had lunch. The estate is beautifully styled, mostly monochrome with simple but handsome wood furniture and casual outdoor seating if you’re in the mood to brave the May heat. As a testament to its’ surroundings, girls taking #ootd shots with the estate as their backdrop was a common sight during my short visit there. The Bake Shop however, with pleasant yellow lighting, light wood & tile furniture, their use of mod-funk graphics and a semi open kitchen gave a more cheery bustling vibe.


They do have a small selection of mains (pasta, gratin etc) but emphasis remains with their bakes, hand craved drinks and desserts.

We had one of their signature dessert creation, almost every table had one of these, The Ring (Original), THB280, croissant doughnut with vanilla sauce, homemade vanilla ice cream, glass caramel and macadamia nuts. This also comes in Salty Caramel and Bacon Maple versions. It pains me to say that as gorgeous as this looks, it didn’t work for me in the taste department. The thin layer of crunchy glass caramel was delicious, the cronut  crisp and buttery on its own with chopped brown roasted macadamia nuts but everything together seemed excessive. The pastry was drowning in the pan of vanilla sauce and ice cream, with neither particularly inspiring to the flavor of vanilla. Would have worked better for me if the vanilla sauce came separately as a dip with thicker consistency?

Sour Apple Maple Punch, THB145, was the redeeming factor for me. It’s appealing green colour, fresh apple slices, cinnamon & thyme garnish in the tall chilled jar was visually satisfying and the taste refreshing. Perfect choice for a hot day and for sharing. I expected it to be sour but it was very mildly so, with a muted apple flavor and maple aftertaste.

For me, Vanilla Garden’s environment fared better than their food. A little out of the way as it’s not really near BTS but one can always take a cab. If you are nearer to the main city area, you can also check out their french dining cousin @ Siam Paragon, Vanilla Brasserie.

Vanilla Garden

53 Ekamai Soi 12,Sukhumvit Soi 63 10110, 10110, Thailand
+66 2 381 6120


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