Thanks for coming by/stumbling upon my food blog. This has been something I have been thinking of doing for a long long time and as you can see from my blogroll I read a lot of other Singaporean food blogs as well.

Knockonfood came about through word play from knock on wood, because rather than depend on something else, eating good comfort food cheers me up really well. Besides, one hopes that the places you knock on for food always at least maintain or improve their standards isn’t it?

Hope you enjoy reading my foodie adventures!

Sugar, spice and all things nice,



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jeanie,

    I’m also running a cold soya beancurd dessert shop at Blk 2, Upper Aljunied Lane, #01-19 Spore 360002. House of Yi Kang Dessert. If free, can try our cold soya beancurd, grinded from fresh soya beans from Canada. I wouldn’t dare to say it taste better than lao ban, but our quality is good. Try it!! The taste and texture is no inferior.

  2. yummy dessert tasted in the shop, cold tauhuay, almond tauhuay, tausuan and most of all I like the mango sago pomelo the Best!!!
    Not to say the tauhuay is the best one I’ve tasted all over Singapore.

    Keep it up Yi Kang Dessert….

  3. Hi May, thank you for your very encouraging comments. We’ll definitely put in extra effort to uphold our quality. Regards

  4. Hi, your food blog is pretty much interesting 🙂 In comparison, mine is still far apart from yours 😦 Anyways, thanks for your food review! Definitely one of my fave blog now!

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