Breakfast in Batu Pahat

Hi from Batu Pahat! Loving the traditional kaya toast/bread breakfast. The kaya here is more towards the brown coconut-heavy style while Singapore seems to prefer the green pandan-heavy style. The kaya was sweeter than usual, since they added some gula melaka, with generous silvers of tiny chewy dessicated coconut. Together with the freshly toasted bun and hot kopi-c, my breakfast was awesome. 

Have a good weekend folks!


Bangkok: Vanilla Garden, Bake Shop


When I’m in a city like Bangkok, as much as possible I try to eat Thai food, to savour what the city proudly offers as their local cuisine. While I’ve passed many pretty/quirky/modern cafes as I travelled around Bangkok, I’ve mostly dismissed them in favour of street food. A rare afternoon with some time and transport handy on my hands, Vanilla Garden @ Ekkamai 12 seemed as good as any to check out.

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Pierre Herme III – Mystery Flavor?


Imagine my surprise when I was presented with a Mystery-Flavored Pierre Herme Macaroon. It is one thing to be unable to discern flavors due to language barriers but this my friends, the name and flavor of this particular macaroon was simply a mystery, and the same answer was received when we asked the sales person in the shop. This seems fun if it was launched occasionally!

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Savour 2013: My picks for a 3 Course Meal


Savour is back for a second time this year, and I must say it’s better than before in so many ways. The chef & restaurant line up is much more exciting, the addition of air conditioned dining tents are definitely appreciated, as well as more live entertainment in the form of both Masterclasses, demonstrations and music.

With around 20 food booths and more than 60 choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at this international food festival. After making my rounds & trying more dishes than I had intended last night, here’s what I would pick if I could only have a 3 Course meal at Savour 2013.

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