Bangkok: Vanilla Garden, Bake Shop


When I’m in a city like Bangkok, as much as possible I try to eat Thai food, to savour what the city proudly offers as their local cuisine. While I’ve passed many pretty/quirky/modern cafes as I travelled around Bangkok, I’ve mostly dismissed them in favour of street food. A rare afternoon with some time and transport handy on my hands, Vanilla Garden @ Ekkamai 12 seemed as good as any to check out.

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Nope, this is not another post about a fairly new hidden cafe furnished quirkily and only offers coffee and dessert items that you need to try the next weekend.

Overlooking the fact that you might not know you’ve arrived at your destination, Ronin, do offer pretty decent (non jap related) food but some of their…antics puzzles me, I’ll elaborate.

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I’ve been to Creamier so often over the last few months, that I owe it to the few pints of ice cream in my freezer to blog about it. To me, ice cream can fix everything and Creamier has made it to my list of all-time favorite ice cream places. Their flavors are interesting, the ice cream screams quality and their waffles are consistently enjoyable.

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