3 Points on Singaporean Food Culture 


Most people will probably insert an image of a familiar, well-loved local dish here as a representative visual as they write about Singaporean food culture. 

…and instead I chose this box of cupcakes. How is that remotely Singaporean?! That’s Ondeh Ondeh cupcakes, bottom right, with a pandan cake base, topped with gula melaka icing & drizzle and toasted coconut shreds. An ultimate Horlicks cupcake, top middle, with a Horlicks malt base, Horlicks icing and sticky Horlicks fudge. Locally made fresh by a small bakery helmed by young Singaporeans #inthebrickyard and that’s the first Singaporean food culture, we mix flavors from different cultures just like how the city is a mashpot of cultures and create great food with it. Peranakan food, laksa pasta etc you name it. 

We’re into foods fads and queues. Notice a spike in the availability of cupcakes both on the streets and on your social media feed these last 2 years? From cupcakes to bak kwa to nasi lemak, we kiasu Singaporeans are willing to queue for both new faves and old loves. 

We’re strongly united through food. Got good food? We spread the word and buy a box of cupcakes to share although probably confident that one of us can finish the whole box. Our food radar works just as well overseas, often helping to connect people through mutual homesickness of local food. 

And just for the record SethLui & FoodPanda , my favorite local food is char kway teow 😉


Citizen Pop


I’ve known about Citizen Pop for awhile and am so glad that we finally got to try their fresh fruit soda creations at the Night Market event last night.

The concoctionist, Imelda, uses freshly squeezed fruit juice, herbs and spices to create some really interesting and literally refreshing flavors. The pale pink Pear and Lemongrass, $4, didn’t catch my fancy at first when I had a sample shot but the smooth light pear taste and note of aromatic lemongrass that stays on your tongue slowly won me over as I sipped my icy cup. Quite a palatable combination!


My original choice of Lemon and Lavender only had half a cup left so the owners kindly gave it to us complimentary. This was a instant winner with me, with the zingy lemon and subtle lavender giving a much needed uplift in a crowded and humid flea market environment. There were also other flavors like Hibiscus & Apple and Ginger, which was already sold out. I like that their sodas are not sweet and are also made without artificial flavoring or preservatives.

They are currently mostly participating in fleas so you will probably have to follow them on Citizen Pop’s facebook and Instagram (@citizen_pop) for updates on their next location but they also have a mobile station that lets them do your events if you are interested!


Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest 2012





This year’s chunkfest was bigger, though I’m not so sure if it was better. There are more booths for ice cream so the queues were shorter, +10 points! We had a double scoop of Americone Dream & Froyo Half Baked, $11 which are both US flavors available in scoops that day. So sad that some flavors are only available in pints!

Americone Dream was sweet, vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and chocolate coated waffle chunks but I can definitely see it fitting into our market, it’s combi is kind of similar to chocolate chip cookie dough, albeit a sweeter version. Froyo Half Baked on the other hand, has a very simple one dimensional chocolate taste, the kind you get from roadside ice cream cart uncles, with brownie chunks that melted really quickly hmm.

Let’s see what they can introduce in 2013.

100 years of Nestle, and their new iFeedback App

Singaporeans have been enjoying Nestle products like Milo, Nescafe and Maggie Mee for a long time, 100 years to be exact, for Nestle has been in Singapore since 1912! As you can imagine, this is a pretty huge milestone for any organization, and Nestle has planned a whole year of celebrations and activities to commemorate their amazing journey with us. The latest activity is taking place in the digital space, with Nestle’s launch of their iFeedback App!

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