Sugarhall, the sister restaurant bar of Jigger & Pony, was rather randomly chosen by us on a late Wednesday night after listing out places we would want to try based on one keyword, and the keyword for that night was Cocktails.

Their cocktail menu, which heavily features their impressive stock of over 50 rums, is cleanly sorted into collections of ‘Clear Spirits’, ‘Dark Spirits’ and ‘Tropical’. What I appreciate however, was a thoughtful scale of ‘Hungry-Full’ pegged to each craft cocktail that hints to you how heavy your drink will be. If like us, your stomach was already lined with food, you can take some direction from the scale and try options that are closer to the ‘Full’ rating for example.

Mai Tai ala Sugarhall, $22, pictured above, listed under the ‘Tropical’ selection. My glass of Mai Tai definitely made an entrance, being set down on the table glowing and immediately capturing everyone’s attention on the exquisite blue flame that was burning steadily against a dish made out of fresh lime. While enthralled by this sight, I start registering details, like the dehydrated pineapple garnish, and spot the dull glaze of brown cinnamon dust on the lime burning together with the flame to produce that peering scent I caught a moment ago but couldn’t identify.

The first hit of the amber liquid was strong, perhaps due to the addition of some spiced apricot brandy that is not usually present in Mai Tais? Combined with 2 types of rum (1 light 1 dark) and orgeat (sweet almond syrup), this is not a flirty fruity drink but a well-balanced strong-flavoured glass that will well serve the kick of alcohol you need.

There is no happy hour in Sugarhall and I really really hope they will reconsider because that will certainly help when I return to try the rest of their creations.


102 Amoy Street, Singapore, 069922

6222 9102 / 9732 5607

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 6pm – midnight. Closed Sunday.