Breakfast in Batu Pahat

Hi from Batu Pahat! Loving the traditional kaya toast/bread breakfast. The kaya here is more towards the brown coconut-heavy style while Singapore seems to prefer the green pandan-heavy style. The kaya was sweeter than usual, since they added some gula melaka, with generous silvers of tiny chewy dessicated coconut. Together with the freshly toasted bun and hot kopi-c, my breakfast was awesome. 

Have a good weekend folks!



Nope, this is not another post about a fairly new hidden cafe furnished quirkily and only offers coffee and dessert items that you need to try the next weekend.

Overlooking the fact that you might not know you’ve arrived at your destination, Ronin, do offer pretty decent (non jap related) food but some of their…antics puzzles me, I’ll elaborate.

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Macs Breakfast, Supreme range


Bacon & Egg McMuffin (above)

Mac breakfast now has bacon! The Supreme range include breakfast burgers like McMuffin Supreme which is sausage McMuffin with egg + bacon ($6.60 for meal, up from $5.95 without bacon), bacon & egg McMuffin, sausage McGriddle with egg + bacon, bacon & egg McGriddle etc. The best is BREAKFAST DELUXE SUPREME, breakfast deluxe + 2 pieces of bacon.

Only their bacon & egg versions are something new, now there’s more choices for you if you don’t feel like having sausage! Their bacon is crisp, adding the crunch factor that is lacking in their breakfast burgers now. May be a little salty to eat on it’s own though!