Chocolate Origin


There are many things I love about Chocolate Origin Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream; the decent quality for $5, nicely sized portion to satisfy your craving and pretty convenient locations but what a lot of other places do not offer, is the mobility. I can have lava cake with ice cream on the go, how awesome is that?

Chocolate Origin

313 Somerset B3 / Blk 4 Changi Village Road


The Daily Scoop



They definitely got their name right, I can certainly live on ice cream!

If you are in holland village for dinner, do pop over to the slightly less crowded Chip Bee Gardens for dessert at The Daily Scoop, across the road and down the street from Cold Storage!

Double scoop of Avocado and Kookie Monster , $5.60. Your can see the staff mixing ice cream at the side on this machine that allows them to reach the dense consistency of their ice creams, which is similar to Scoopz. Their avocado wasn’t too sweet, and tasted more “green” compared to other sweeter avocado ice creams I’ve tried. Kookie monster was simple indulgence, chocolate with cookie bits!


Double scoop of Honey Vanilla and Kookie Monster , $5.60. I have no idea why the difference in colour for Lookie Monster is so great, this second picture was taken on other visit. Seeing black vanilla specks really gets me going and their Honey Vanilla was slightly sweet from honey and had a smooth vanilla taste, not as intense as some vanillas out there. It melts a little too quickly for my liking though!

I prefer this outlet to their other outlet at sunset way as it’s bigger and more accessible, especially with circle line now. Didn’t get to try their waffles, but I will definitely be back!

The Daily Scoop
Blk 43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-78
Chip Bee Gardens Singapore

6475 3128