Breakfast in Batu Pahat

Hi from Batu Pahat! Loving the traditional kaya toast/bread breakfast. The kaya here is more towards the brown coconut-heavy style while Singapore seems to prefer the green pandan-heavy style. The kaya was sweeter than usual, since they added some gula melaka, with generous silvers of tiny chewy dessicated coconut. Together with the freshly toasted bun and hot kopi-c, my breakfast was awesome. 

Have a good weekend folks!




Nope, this is not another post about a fairly new hidden cafe furnished quirkily and only offers coffee and dessert items that you need to try the next weekend.

Overlooking the fact that you might not know you’ve arrived at your destination, Ronin, do offer pretty decent (non jap related) food but some of their…antics puzzles me, I’ll elaborate.

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Baker & Cook


We all like to visit new places, and with the whole slew of new bakeries and cafes popping up the last 2 years meant we have little opportunity to do repeat visits unless we love it that much. I can safely say that I love Baker & Cook’s bakes that much. Started by Dean Brettschneider (, they also do cooking/baking classes at their flagship outlet @ Hillcrest Road (Greenwood Avenue).

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Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar


So I’ve never been to One-North/Portsdown Road area and as I walked the winding street to Jimmy Monkey one Sunday afternoon I can’t help but appreciate the peace and quiet of this reclusive developing part of Singapore.

Tucked at the end of a block at One-North Residences, a mere 5-10 minute walk from one-north mrt station, you know you’ve reached the coffee sweet spot when you see the bright orange sign and their monkey mascot.

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