Bangkok: Vanilla Garden, Bake Shop


When I’m in a city like Bangkok, as much as possible I try to eat Thai food, to savour what the city proudly offers as their local cuisine. While I’ve passed many pretty/quirky/modern cafes as I travelled around Bangkok, I’ve mostly dismissed them in favour of street food. A rare afternoon with some time and transport handy on my hands, Vanilla Garden @ Ekkamai 12 seemed as good as any to check out.

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Merely Ice Cream


When in doubt, just turn to ice cream.

Stewing in this persistent heat wave, we hardly needed a reason for deflecting to this age-old icy treat. Back in the vicinity of my alma mater, we paid a visit to Merely Ice Cream, a small space at Sunshine Plaza, predictably quiet with just a few scattered youngsters given it’s exam period and right before peak dessert hour hits.

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I’ve been to Creamier so often over the last few months, that I owe it to the few pints of ice cream in my freezer to blog about it. To me, ice cream can fix everything and Creamier has made it to my list of all-time favorite ice cream places. Their flavors are interesting, the ice cream screams quality and their waffles are consistently enjoyable.

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Chocolate Origin


There are many things I love about Chocolate Origin Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream; the decent quality for $5, nicely sized portion to satisfy your craving and pretty convenient locations but what a lot of other places do not offer, is the mobility. I can have lava cake with ice cream on the go, how awesome is that?

Chocolate Origin

313 Somerset B3 / Blk 4 Changi Village Road

Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest 2012





This year’s chunkfest was bigger, though I’m not so sure if it was better. There are more booths for ice cream so the queues were shorter, +10 points! We had a double scoop of Americone Dream & Froyo Half Baked, $11 which are both US flavors available in scoops that day. So sad that some flavors are only available in pints!

Americone Dream was sweet, vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and chocolate coated waffle chunks but I can definitely see it fitting into our market, it’s combi is kind of similar to chocolate chip cookie dough, albeit a sweeter version. Froyo Half Baked on the other hand, has a very simple one dimensional chocolate taste, the kind you get from roadside ice cream cart uncles, with brownie chunks that melted really quickly hmm.

Let’s see what they can introduce in 2013.