Sapporo Ramen Miharu


Ramen joints are aplenty in Singapore and Miharu is one of the few places that have remained consistently on the tip of people’s tongues. Located at Gallery Hotel, I finally got the chance to try them when I happened to be in the River Valley area. Expectations of my ramen dinner was pretty high after years of recommendations from friends.

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Ramen Champion II – Ikkousha

On my first visit I tried Iroha, Bario and Gantetsu. This time I had Ikkosha for my favorite pork bone soup based ramen.


Ikkousha serves Hakata style ramen, that has the thin type of noodles that tends to be harder. I didn’t order the Hakata Ajimen Ramen because I realize that it is cheaper to order the ramen without egg and +1 egg for $1!! Results in the same thing, ramen with egg, chashu and black fungus. Not sure if it affects the portion of my chashu though because if not, the portion is pretty small.

On the whole, I would say it’s not impressive. The soup base was a little salty, and the chashu was tougher than most. Their egg was pretty good though, half runny and semi firm whites. Ikkousha was the leading stall for both Q1 and Q2 into the championship but there are lots of other choices in the same arena I’ll say!

*There is another Ramen Champion at T3!

Ramen Champion 

Bugis iluma #04 – 08/09/10

Daily 1130am-1030pm

Tel: 6238 1011