Pierre Herme III – Mystery Flavor?


Imagine my surprise when I was presented with a Mystery-Flavored Pierre Herme Macaroon. It is one thing to be unable to discern flavors due to language barriers but this my friends, the name and flavor of this particular macaroon was simply a mystery, and the same answer was received when we asked the sales person in the shop. This seems fun if it was launched occasionally!

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Pierre Herme: New Season Flavor




Someone said since I have the privilege of trying new flavors each season from Pierre Herme I should blog about them. Got to try their new Lemon Hazelnut macaroon and it was good! Lemon shells sandwiching a dense zesty lemon cream with a surprise crunchy hazelnut praline center. That’s right, I said crunchy! There are tiny little crispy bits in the dollop of hazelnut praline, making the textures quite amazing. That aside, lemon is still the domineering flavor, and I like it to be this way.

Another one to add to my list of Pierre Herme favorites!