Fresh Fruits Lab

Armed with a strong recommendation from a friend, I trotted to the unfamiliar east side for brunch today.

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Stellar – Summer Gastronomic Menu


*Invited Session*

If I had it my way, I will be up here all the time. Sunset is definitely more enjoyable with the altitude advantage, as I walk around the perimeter of the world’s highest alfresco rooftop bar with a cocktail in hand. Renovations were on-going while I was there and I’m sure the facelift will create a even better ambiance!

Previously I reviewed The Stellar Experience, where diners were given the flexibility of creating their own 4, 5, 6 course tasting menus @ $95++, $120++ and $140++ per pax respectively. The menu have since expanded, includes a wider selection for vegetarian options and I will be sharing some new refreshing creations featuring summer ingredients!

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Kith Cafe, Park Mall


When Kith was a hole-in-the-wall cafe at Rodyk street, it didn’t appeal to me well enough to try it. Besides, there were lots of options along Robertson Quay with better seating and menu choices.

Kith cafe, very wisely, sprouted a second relatively spacious outlet at Park Mall. With the lure of better accessibility, a more robust menu (complete with a ex Da Paolo chef) and a pretty alfresco deck, it didn’t take me long to convince friends to go with me for dinner.

And things have changed now, I adore them.

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DBS Indulge Masterclass: Osvaldo Forlino

*Invited Session*


I had the chance to be invited by Asian Food Channel (AFC) and DBS Indulge to attend Chef Osvaldo Forlino DBS Masterclass at AFC Studio. Some of us may make the connection to Italian fine-dining restaurant, Forlino, at Fullerton which Chef Osvaldo set up in 2008. He is no longer with the establishment and has now 2 of his own restaurants, No Menu and Ristorante Amarone located at Boon Tat Street and Capital Tower respectively. Another restaurant, focusing on seafood, will soon be opening at Marina Bay Financial Centre too.

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