Savour 2013: My picks for a 3 Course Meal


Savour is back for a second time this year, and I must say it’s better than before in so many ways. The chef & restaurant line up is much more exciting, the addition of air conditioned dining tents are definitely appreciated, as well as more live entertainment in the form of both Masterclasses, demonstrations and music.

With around 20 food booths and more than 60 choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at this international food festival. After making my rounds & trying more dishes than I had intended last night, here’s what I would pick if I could only have a 3 Course meal at Savour 2013.

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Bangkok: On The Table


Sometimes, we stick to the things we are familiar with too often and as time goes by, I find that I’m taking less and less adventures. Bangkok is a place that I’ve been many times, and we always patronize the same few restaurants – we knew what we liked and knew where to get them. So I’m glad that I’ve managed to try some new places this trip, probably due to having different company too!

With no pressure or presumed expectations, we decided and went into the restaurant. I kind of miss this feeling actually, no risk no surprises right?

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Itacho Sushi

If you have always wondered why the queue at Itacho Sushi (especially the ion outlet) never eases up, even at like 3pm, its because they know what they are doing. Prices are slightly on the high side but the food is fresh, made on the spot and taste generally good. I’ve managed to visit it twice before I can post about the first visit, once at ion, once at plaza sing. that I’m combining the posts.


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