Eatplaylove Craft Cafe


Singaporeans like to be given choices, and we’ve seen a growing number of places offering different cuisines like Western & Thai from the same kitchen, but I think this is the first time its combined with a DIY arts & crafts concept!

Eatplaylove is a new child-friendly crafts cafe at Aliwal Arts Centre (apt location!), occupying a rather large whimsically decorated space and at just about 1 month old.

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Sweet Salty Spicy

*Invited Session*

The Rail Mall is a curious place with it’s elongated structure. Just opposite the railway tracks along Upper Bukit Timah road, partially hidden, is the shorter ‘broken off’ section of the mall with most of the restaurants, where Sweet Salty Spicy and Cafe Epicurious is.

Both outlets share the same management and a joint space so if you are undecided between Thai and Western, served by Sweet Salty Spicy and Cafe Epicurious respectively, they offer a best of both worlds arrangement where you can order from both menus!

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First Thai Restaurant

Mention Purvis Street to my family and only one thing will pop into their minds, the old school Hainanese Chicken Rice/Steamboat/Cze Char place that we have visited since forever (story for another time). With First Thai just beside our chicken rice restaurant, I will always notice their long queue outside but have never gotten around to trying it till now.