Tiong Bahru Bakery


Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier adds to the growing list of artisan bakeries sprouting up across the island. I much prefer and welcome this development compared to more indie cafes specializing in coffee, there is so much more to experiment with bakeries!

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Tiong Bahru Market


I remember how Tiong Bahru Market used to be, with the wet market, row of shops selling children clothes, toys, mini marts, tiong bahru bao where the queue is super long and all the hawker stalls…I know they were renovated long ago but it’s the first time I actually when up the new market, bringing my mom along to let her reminisce about the old times and food stalls.

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Drips Bakery Cafe


My last stop for the Tiong Bahru estate cafes, is Drips Bakery Cafe at Tiong Poh road, located just a tart frisbee throw from The Orange Thimble. I’ve stopped being surprised at finding nice new cafes in the middle of the rustic neighborhood but I can’t deny that the sight continues to leave me in awe. I did spend a lot of my childhood in this area, and coming back brings new feelings everytime.

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