I’ve had Smoulder on my radar for quite some time now, in fact, ever since they set up shop in the CBD and me kicking myself for never having had a job housed in the CBD area. Things calmed down and picked up again after they opened an outlet at the basement of Raffles City but partly, it also took so long because I just needed an excuse to justify buying 3 lava cakes.



Got myself a box of 3, $8.20. From front to back, White Chocolate Pistachio, Signature Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Matcha.


Now, we all love our lava cakes to be warm and oozing. The folks at Smoulder included instructions on reheating if you are not consuming yours immediately.


Before popping them into the microwave…


…and after less than 30s in the microwave?! Oops. Obviously the instructions did nothing for me.


The White Chocolate Matcha was the saving grace of the pack with a intense matcha flavour. The nutty White Chocolate Pistachio was preferred among nut lovers while the Dark Chocolate was thought to be ordinary.

I don’t think I can give a accurate review with how mine turned out, getting them 90% cooked in my hands but I do think they make great gifts and desserts in replacement of cupcakes! Novelty factor up 2 notches, no?


Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-68, S179103

6338 0661

Opens daily from 11am to 10pm


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