Brick Cupcakes

Don’t let their name fool you, these little cake gems are anything but brick-like.

Brick is a fairly new online bakery that does cupcakes, whole cakes, tarts and customized orders. Encountered them first at a friend’s baby shower and also subsequently ordered from them ($3 each, $8 for delivery) to try more of their creations because I heard they have many uncommon flavors!

First had the customized “Cookie Monster” Oreo cupcake at the baby shower since it caught my eye with its marshmallow eyes and chocolate chip cookie mouth. Was rather taken by surprise as the taste kept up with its cute outlook, the vanilla cake base mixed with chunks of Oreos was moist as I sunk my teeth in, the icing wasn’t cloyingly sweet and most importantly, the cupcake tasted fresh! That is honestly something I haven’t tasted from cupcakes in a long while, maybe I should order from online bakeries more nomnom.



Do try the Chocolate Pudding if you are a fan of molten chocolate cakes, theirs have a gooey melty pudding centre. My fave from those I managed to try would be Horlicks, where the malty powder is used in every way possible. Thick Horlicks drizzle on Horlicks icing on Horlicks cake base, with an enticing Horlicks smell once you open the box, that’s a Horlicks dinosaur in cupcake form right there.

Also heard great things from my friend about their other flavors like Lime Solero, Onde Onde (pandan with gula melaka icing), Pancakes (Cinnamon base with maple icing) and Salted Caramel Banana. Those will definitely be in my next order.


Order by emailing to

Brick’s Facebook Page


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