Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring


Chance can be a funny thing sometimes. Randomly decided to settle down for lunch at this coffee shop and thought we’ll try some putu piring that looks a lot like kueh tutu. Before I knew it a significant queue built up behind me and patrons infront of me were buying quite a few packets to take away. So naturally my curiosity was piqued and by the time (20mins wait) I got my hands to my brown paper packet I couldn’t wait to try it. 


3 ladies worked continuously to make the round steamed rice cakes with a palm sugar centre. The process is similar to kueh tutu, layer of rice flour + spoonful of filling + second layer to complete the cake before steaming it. 


$2 for a set of 5 cakes, served with grated coconut. These were so good, the warm cakes melted in my mouth with the gooey gula melaka oozing out. Combined with the cold slightly salted coconut, maybe because I had it immediately, the hot-cold sweet-salty combination was nothing short of amazing. Many people bought the dessert as takeaways but do try to have them right away if you can! So happy with the surprise find 🙂

Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring

Blk 14 Haig Road Food Court, #01-08, S(430014) 

970 Geyland Road, Tristar Complex, #01-12, stall 7, S(423492)



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