Fresh Fruits Lab

Armed with a strong recommendation from a friend, I trotted to the unfamiliar east side for brunch today.

Sitting right by the roadside, Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL), wasn’t too hard to spot but it’s a winding walk from the nearest Kembangan MRT station. They don’t allow reservations so it’s lucky that we got there just a step ahead because the place filled up quickly on a Saturday afternoon, both indoor and outdoor seats. The subsequent queue formed haphazardly around the building in the afternoon sun, not the best place to be.

We were given this complimentary rack of cold pressed juice shots even before fully settling down with the menu.  I would have preferred if some introduction of the juices were made as I had no idea what was in the, albeit cute, test tube shots. After tasting, we concluded the green one to have cucumber and the orange one to be a citrus mix. Sorry not too helpful here hahaha.

True to their fruit promise, there was a whole list of interesting fruit teas on their menu that saw me trading away my usual coffee. Piccolo, $5, green rooibos tea with honey, apricot and sweet berries came with a heady candied fragrance that didn’t translate to actual sweetness in the drink. You can still taste the rooibos, refreshing and warm to the tummy. We also tried the Paradise Green, $5 (pictured below), Japanese green tea with tropical fruits and flower petals, which carried the usual comforts from green tea with a fruity twist.

I had a specific recommendation for their Messy Breakfast, $17, with truffled scrambled eggs, toasted English muffins, pork oxford sausages, roasted sweet potatoes, bacon wrapped pineapple bars, fruity salad and it lived to expectations. The scrambled eggs were a favorite around the table with generous lashings of truffle oil and I would gladly have a whole plate of it. Bacon wrapped pineapple needed more time on the grill but was striking decent sweet-savory notes. The English muffins, sweet potato and salad with cubes of watermelon and pineapple were a nice change but I’ll pass on the sausages as they felt a little floury.

Creamy Alfredo, $18, white wine cream based pasta with a variety of fungi mushrooms, turkey ham, fried enoki strings and shaved Parmesan. The portion was generous and the fried enoki added delightful crunch between bites of penne. The thick sauce coagulates when it turns cold so do eat this fast!

Fruity Berries Pancakes, $11, berry pancakes with apple compote and maple syrup. 3 thick homemade pancakes packed with strawberries and blueberries was better than expected! There’s also a banana version of this.

Overall FFL was a comfortable space with good value-for-money food offerings. If only it was more accessible to me!
Fresh Fruits Lab

351 Changi Road, Lorong Mazuki, S419818

Closed on Mondays.


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