Savour 2013: My picks for a 3 Course Meal


Savour is back for a second time this year, and I must say it’s better than before in so many ways. The chef & restaurant line up is much more exciting, the addition of air conditioned dining tents are definitely appreciated, as well as more live entertainment in the form of both Masterclasses, demonstrations and music.

With around 20 food booths and more than 60 choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at this international food festival. After making my rounds & trying more dishes than I had intended last night, here’s what I would pick if I could only have a 3 Course meal at Savour 2013.



The temptation to go running to the booth with the longest queue and buying anything to start with is very tempting but I would hate to begin the event with something I didn’t like in the end so for my starter, I’ll stick with Stellar’s Signature Sushi , $14. Can always trust them to deliver good sushi and the trio of spicy tuna maki, swordfish miso maki and lobster sakura ebi maki is just right to set myself up for more queues I’ll face moving forward. A light choice that still gives you variety!



I am very excited that Pollen Street Social (UK) is participating this year, especially after failing to visit them during my last trip to London as they were fully booked. Jason Atherton was manning the booth with one of his head chefs from Wales, Phil, and this is why Savour is one of the more celebrated food festivals here, the gathering of so many good chefs in a single place and catching them in action.

For my main, I’ll go for Pollen Street Social’s Angus Ox Cheek braised in Burgundy, accompanied with Horseradish & Potato Puree, Roasted Carrots & Bone Marrow Crumb, $14. The tender slow cooked angus tasted amazing on its own but when combined with the smooth puree and very crunchy bone marrow crumb, the textures playing on your tongue is simply mind-blowing. I’m very intrigued by the marrow crumb, for its sheer crunchiness and the fragrance it leaves in your mouth. People unaccustomed to horseradish, like me, will be a little bothered by the hint of it in the puree but it is thankfully not too strong. Overall, we enjoyed this dish a lot!



Desserts at Savour are reasonably priced, mostly in the range of $6-$12. I highly recommend the Classic Strawberry Trifle scented with Rose Petals , $6, by Anthony Demetre from Wild Honey & Arbutus (UK). To be honest I’ve never had trifle before and this is a pleasant gift from Chef Anthony after striking a light conversation with him and his assistant at their booth. Surprisingly, this pretty looker turned out to be my favorite of the evening. The bottom is lined with a sherry-laced strawberry compote that was the right amount of sweetness, with a somewhat ‘sparkling’ taste. Eat a whole section together, with the layers of soft sponge, cold heavy pastry cream topped with pistachio bits, tiny dark pink rose petals plus a generous sprinkling of popping candy and you will see what I mean. We scraped the container clean.

Do take the time to attend some masterclasses at the gourmet auditorium! I went for Jason Atherton’s and while the topic didn’t stick entirely to food, it was super entertaining, humorous man that one. In fact, everyone I’ve came across at the event has been warm and friendly. You can also wrap up the experience with some cool Nespresso creations (free!) like The Italian Connection at the Maison Nespresso.

And here’s to a weekend with clear skies and good food for people visiting Savour 2013!

Savour 2013
11-14 April
F1 pit building


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